There's Only 1 of you.

Which means you are "Special"

You are a "Misfit" within the Universe !

Stand up & Stand Out !

"Limited Edition"

This Brand is Not for Everybody.

Our Slogan is "We're not the same" Every piece is crafted to Help you embrace your Uniqueness and project your inner confidence.

Look Good = Feel Good


Fashion for Her: Discover New Styles

Discover the essence of self-expression with the "Special Misfits" women's clothing collection, where individuality takes center stage. With our motto "We are not the same," each piece celebrates uniqueness and empowers self-expression.

From statement prints to versatile staples, embrace your distinct style and join the ranks of fearless fashion rebels. we believe every misfit deserves to express their style without boundaries.

" Finding Treasure"

In 2012 the owner of Special Misfits was just a little boy; while playing along the rocky Bermuda shores, he stumbled upon a unique looking rock. He held the stone in hand and aliened it with the sun. The rock Glowed as the sunlight struck. Excited he shoved it in his bag and rushed home to show his mom .His Mom told him he doesn't need any more rocks to add to his already increasing pile at home and advised he put it back.

But Little did she know. He had stumbled upon a field of Bermuda Quartz Crystal. This would later lead to a revolutionary business idea of his to start the First ever "Bermuda Crystal" Jewlery Line Called: The Red-Brid Treasury. These crystals are Exclusively Sold at Special Misfits. We are now the 1st Company in the world to introduce Bermuda Quartz Crystal and Bermuda Calcite to the Global Marketplace.

Tech From the Future

Enjoy the Variety of Gadgets and Accessories we offer to improve you everyday life and inspire.Be apart of the next wave of technloichigcal advancements!



My friends couldn’t believe I was talking on the phone through my shades .

Shavon Smith -BDA

This is the best Site in Bermuda to order high-quality Jewlery ! I won't be shopping anywhere else.

Lisa A. Smith - BDA

I have found my new favorite website for sun dresses and the bathing suits are sexy asf !

Marisha Grayhoud - USA

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Custom 1 of 1 Clothing

Create your own custom White T-Shirts through our Instagram! DM the page: @special_misfits to get started;or check out some of our custom 1 of 1 peices by clicking here : ONE-OF-ONE-MERCH

Made/Sold Only in Bermuda !

Some products on are only available in Bermuda, which makes them eligible for 2-DAY shipping. For Products only available in Bermuda click: BDA-ONLY-PRODUCTS

Summer is Approaching !

Special Misfits has now expanded to the United States. We have a Warehouse stocked with loads of comfortable, affordable fashion. Check out our Swimwear; click here: SPECIAL-MISFITS-SWIM

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